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Discovery of Axom

Our Founder, Anirudh Goswami, embarks on a journey of a lifetime with renowned journalist Mrinal Talukdar to meet entrepreneurs and change makers who are breaking barriers and silently transforming Assam. Experience this journey with them across 26 stories covering 1750 kilometres and discover a new Axom (Assam).

Episode 1 - Cocoa Cultivation

The unique story of cocoa cultivation motivating local farmers with the drive to do something different.

Episode 2 – Berry Cultivation

A surrendered Militant turned berry cultivator who has diversified into cultivating dragon fruit, Malta and mango. Today, he proudly sells his produce in front of a local departmental store and generates employment for several unemployed youth in assam.

Episode 3 – Milk Co-operative

The Sitajakhala Dugdha Utpadak Samabai Samiti Limited (SJDUSSL) milk cooperative brings together farmers from diverse communities as one family. Diversifying their products, they have brought together 4000 families and is motivating youth to adopt dairy farming.

Episode 4 – Broom Trading

The story of Bakhista Kalita - who, through a vast network of collecting agents and village women manufactures brooms that are supplied all across India. A simple idea and entrepreneurial spirit turned into phenomenal action giving people a sense of self-worth, purpose, and joy.

Episode 5 – Banana Cultivation

Episode 5 is the story of banana cultivation by Debabrata Rabha starting with 1000 saplings and most importantly his grit, courage and entrepreneurial spirit.

Episode 6 – Badungduppa Kala Kendra

In Episode 6 we pay true homage to the theatre visionary Shri. Sukracharya Rabha who created Bandungduppa Kala Kendra “Under the Sal Tree” and wrote the story of new theatre in Assam.

Episode 7 – Raypur Handicraft

A story of a sustainable business that is environment-friendly, led by self-governance, spread across 5 villages in Assam. Raypur handicraft cluster employs over 2200 people who are using bamboo, cane and ordinary firewood to make various products

Episode 8 – Fishery

The story of Debajit Barman who made a humble beginning in the business of fishery back in the 1990s. With his family, today, he runs an eminent business of fish, pigs, goats and chicken, employing 75 people

Episode 9 - Gethsemane Man-Made Forest

500 hectares of unfertile, barren land comprising only of sand and stones converted into a manmade forest with a river running across 30 kms, created by the determination of 35 people, once members of the BLT.

Episode 10 – Abinash Daimary

The story of serial entrepreneur, Abinash Daimary from Udalguri in Bodoland - student, tea planter, jute trader, fertiliser dealer, bamboo trader, tourism promoter, agro farmer. He is a man with a mission and an inspiration to the region.

Episode 11 – Gajen Barman

A story truly from the heart – covering the story on Mr. Gajen Barman and Small Tea Businesses - both showcasing the social & economic revolution that small growers have brought as well as some of the challenges they face.

Episode 12 – Debabrata Medhi

The story of patience, innovation and hardwork as two brothers grew 3 bighas of low lying, difficult land terrain, into 80 bighas of cultivable land and the journey. Today, they successfully run Hathiputhi Tea Estate, employing over 23 people.

Episode 13 - Neelam Dutta

The story of Neelam Dutta of Pabhoi Greens – working tirelessly towards seed sovereignty. He has 34 ponds where fingerlings are bred, farms with indigenous produce, a dedicated pond for migratory birds, and different animals living in harmony.

Episode 14 – Manoj Basumatary

A true master class in business… Manoj Basumatary and his pig rearing business – our next story. Known as the Pig Man and demonstrating a farm to table concept, deeply rooted in the community, bringing inclusive growth.

Episode 15 – Hemant Lahkar

Hemant Lahkar and Spring Valley are an institution in all of Assam today. A risk taker, his journey started with textiles, dairy, then bread & eventually a serial entrepreneur. His life and humility – bearing lessons for all.

Episode 16 – Bikash Bharali

A dairy consultant who has revolutionized diary in Assam and has been working on the Cowshed improvement. A story that demonstrates mentorship and that true connections are made beyond time and geographical boundaries.

Episode 17 - Nabaneeta Das

Nabanita Das - a strong, determined, driven, fearless and persevering woman. A true entrepreneur who started her journey literally from the ground up, Nabanita Das runs a composite farm in Nimati, Jorhat.

Episode 18 - Leela Charan Dutta

Bees are the greatest pollinators and part of the biodiversity on which we all depend for our survival. Leela Charan Dutta in Baohona is someone engaged in commercial bee keeping and follows international practices for the same.

Episode 19 - Akash Gogoi

Akash Gogoi – the story of Bahuboli eggs – another masterclass in building a business – as we see an emerging startup culture in our country. His spontaneity while following a planned approach sets him apart.

Episode 20 – Heritage Drink

A story on commercial production of Xaj - more popularly known as the Drink of Assam. Led by Akash Gogoi, a blending of heritage with the modern world, showcasing right from processing, packaging to the product itself.

Episode 21 - Woolah Tea

Woolah tea is the world’s first bagless tea dip. As we heard their story, we learnt of Upamanyu Borkakoty & Anshuman Bharali humble beginnings to today selling their unique product internationally.

Episode 22 - Hookhmol Tea

Hookhmol Tea is the story of Bhaskar Hazarika, son of Lekhok Koch, a small tea grower turned renowned tea planter. A beautiful blending of the value of experience with new ideas and energy that started from a small nursery.

Episode 23 – Durlav Gogoi

The story of Durlav Gogoi who is creating a revolution in manufacturing of tea machinery. An engineering marvel, demonstrating the value of manufacturing from a place that was not possible to locate on google maps, ten years ago.

Episode 24 - Sasoni Mer Beel

Sasoni Merbeel - an eco-tourism spot in Sasoni Village, Naharkatiya, Dibrugarh - a remarkable biodiversity hotspot; an oasis where tranquility and peace is a way of life. The architect behind the project is Monimanik Gogoi.

Episode 25 - Prahlad Hazarika

Welcome to Laipuli, Tinsukia – where we saw cultivation of Bhoot Jolokia by Prahlad Hazarika and others - in place of uprooted tea shrubs. A demonstration of the potential of cultivation of this chilli and an aggregator model.

Episode 26 – Dipali Gohain

Smiling and highly energetic, sitting right besides the Chaubua Airfield, we bring you the story of Dipali Gohain. Starting with a loan from a cooperative, today she runs 5 centers and supports 75 weavers making traditional weaves of Assam.

Press Release (Assamese), BORBHAG Cup, 3.1.2021

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As the world undergoes dramatic changes, what are the new skills and thinkings, students need to thrive in this new world of work.

Health & Women's Rights
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Policy Developments in Menstrual Health Management

The framework for menstrual hygiene management in India with an analysis of challenges and policy requirements going forward including a special case of the impact on women in tea gardens of Assam.

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Analysis of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019

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Vaccine development in the era of COVID 19

Vaccine development in the era of COVID 19

What does the global landscape for vaccine development, distribution and financing look like and what are some recent developments during the pandemic era.

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Community based Approaches to Malnutrition

A snapshot of community based programs to address malnutrition across states of India as well as research on the subject